Master's Message

From the East



While we look at the Entered Apprentice degree lecture, we learn that the lodge has six jewels, three movable and three immovable. The three immovable jewels are the square, the level, and the plumb. These three jewels are found in the East, West, and the South of the lodge. The Square teaches us morality, the level Equality, and the Plumb, rectitude of life and conduct. These jewels are also explained in the closing of the lodge.


The three movable jewels are the rough Ashlar, the perfect Ashlar, and the Trestleboard. While we may seem to be the in the rough Ashlar stage, we have many mentors among us to teach us the rituals of the degrees. But it does not end there. We have talked about mentoring these past few months, it is now time to seek out those who can teach us about the lectures of the degrees and perhaps take on the tasks at hand and learn this as well. While it will take some time to become the perfect Ashlar it will also be hard work. Patience and perseverance are a must. While the Trestleboard is mildly explained in the EA lecture. It is used as our monthly communication to spread about the brotherhood. Please be sure to obtain a copy and keep with you at all times to see what is going on at the lodge and elsewhere about Grand Lodge and District.



Kenneth Hensley Worshipful Master

Master's Note



I am honored and privileged to be elected your Worshipful Master for the year 2020. As we are faced with many challenges during the year, we must continue on the great traditions of Genesis Lodge with our hard work with ritual and continued brotherhood. I challenge every member to be true to one self and to others as we continue to grow together. I challenge our officers to continue the hard work with ritual as we all have done in the past. Seek out mentorship with our past masters in our continued education of the craft.


I plan on having rehearsals on Wednesday’s when we are not having general communication when we can. I am here to learn from each of you and to also teach you what I have learned as well. And trust that we all do the same. We all have busy schedules during our personal times, but we must remember to be true to the lodge and our brothers and what it takes to continue to be a great lodge. Please, if one is in distress, to reach out to any of the members mentioned in trestleboard and also to those whom you have not seen in awhile attend the lodge.



Kenneth Hensley

Worshipful Master

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