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Officers for 2023


WB Peter W. Dewes (Janet) Treasurer

130 Highview Ave., Totowa, NJ 07512

(C) 973-595-5765



WB Ken Hensley Secretary

94 Race Track Dr., Hewitt, NJ 07421

(C) 417-459-8042

(E) (Lodge)

(E) (Personal)


Br. William Flynn Chaplain

(C) 917-693-1469


WB Mark Johnson Senior Deacon

(C) 973-634-1745 (E)

Br. Francisco Montes Junior Deacon

(C) 201-406-2090 (E)

Br. Norman Taclob Senior Master of Ceremonies

(C) 973-979-0375 (E)

Br. Richard Liptak Junior Master of Ceremonies

(C) 973-405-9083 (E)

Br. Crispin Gonzales Senior Steward

(C) 973-980-8584 (E)

Br. Emmanuel Malasig Junior Steward

(C) 973-641-5660 (E)

Br. Brian Bickle Marshall

(C) 973-296-3459 (E)

WB Jeffrey Seise Organist

(H) 201-447-5971 (E)

Br. Bernard J. Byrne Tyler

(C) 973-557-6343


Trustees for 2023


WB Mark Johnson 2023

WB Steven Wendowski 2023

RW Michael W. Volk 2024

Trustees Stated Meetings for 2023 –

4th Wednesday in
January, April, September and December. Additional
meetings as needed.

Martin- Tegze Scholarship Committee for 2023

Thomas Galan, PM Committee Chair
Mark Johnson, WM
RW. George A. Olsen, PDDGM#2
RW. George A. Olsen, Jr., GLTR/PGC

Terms and positions to be determined.

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