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Operating Committees and Chairmen for 2023


Auditing –

WB Steven Wendowski, Br. Joselito Mateo

Benevolence and Charity –

Br. Rodolfo Ruiz-Mendoza, Br. Joselito Mateo, WB Steven Wendowski, RW Robert Volk

Blood Bank and Community Service –

WB Steven Wendowski. Br. Brian Bickle, Br. Rodolfo Ruiz-Mendoza

Budget and Finance –

RW Michael Volk, Br. Rodolfo Ruiz-Mendoza, WB Peter W. Dewes

Building and Grounds –

WB Mark Johnson, Br. Joselito Mateo, Br. Francis Fleeson,

Br. Brian Bickle

Fundraising –

RW Michael Volk, Br. Rodolfo Ruiz-Mendoza

Mentoring –

RW Michael Volk, RW Michael Emerson, WB. Peter W. Dewes,

Br. Joselito Mateo

Ritual –

RW Michael Volk, RW Michael Emerson

Martin-Tegze Scholarship -

WB Mark Johnson, RW RW George A. Olsen, Jr.,

WB Steven Wendowski

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